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I am an Extraordinary Woman


Growing up as a woman in Nepal, I have a story of my own. Since I was born as a girl my society had decided my future. Then I grew up in a community surrounded by higher caste, discriminatory people who didn’t respect me us. Women from my community were neither from a higher caste nor educated. Since the day I realized this, I decided that I can’t remain uncertain about my future, my goal, my voice for other girls like me who have been struggling every day for their rights in different corners of Nepal. I am going to defeat this one day and prove that the girls are not born to be suppressed.

Luckily I got an admission at Kopila Valley. At Kopila Valley there were a lot of underprivileged young girls like me seeking for opportunities. Awareness of the wrongs of discrimination and exploitation existed there. The learning environment didn’t allow for discrimination or even micro-aggressions. Kopila valley educated and allowed growth to many young girls in our community. There was incredible value in this.

In Nepal, most of the victims of discrimination are women, who has to stop going to school and get married at an early age. They aren’t given choices while making any kind of decision about their lives. They have to spend more time doing household chores than reading or writing. They couldn’t even think of getting a job, earning money, and standing on their own feet. It doesn’t end there; even professions are discriminated against gender. There are many stories of women being discriminated on account of their gender, culture, tradition, caste, or class.

Woman still faces a variety of injustice in Nepal, causing them emotional and physical harm, and there’s no one way in which these injustices happen. Cases of acid attacks and domestic violence are rampant. Women aren’t able to speak up for their rights without criticism because it is believed that decisions about their lives and safety should be made by someone else. Freedom of choice is limited for most women in Nepal.

Freedom and equality cannot come about without awareness. Through education and engagement with girls from different communities, I have learned about the social issues that need more attention. I am able to reflect on the change that collective effort from young woman like me can bring. The art of writing is my art of discovering what I believe in. Now, I am speaking up to bring change through my poetry and my art of writings and performances. I beam an extraordinary woman.

Changing society and bringing equal rights and justice to every woman is very important. We can all put our hands together to raise awareness and inspire young girls to work towards equality by educating every single girls around the world.

I believe I am an extraordinary woman so why not you!!

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Written By : Deepa Bohara,  2019 AD

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