If I were an Independent Person I Could Help My Family

If  I were ..!!

If I were an independent person I could help my family. I would solve all their tensions. I wouldn’t let my dad go far from the house leaving us alone at home. I wouldn’t let my mom weep during nights. I would make my parents really proud. I wish, I might.

If I were an Independent Person I Could Help My Family
If I were…!!
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If I were….

If I earned some money, I would make my parents free from their loans. I would make a small beautiful house for all of us. There would be no six tires on the roof and this time in the rainy season, the wind would not take our tin away from the roof. No water would come in from the holes of our tin. I am gonna change the status of my family.

I would be on vacation. At that time, I would spend days with my parents; listening to my grandma’s nonfiction stories and not letting her do any work in the house. Instead I would make a special tea with milk, cardamom and pepper on it for at least three times a day because we both love milk tea so so much. I would make delicious dishes and watch TV with my family. I would spend all day joking and laughing without any tears in my eyes.

I would let my big brother do his job but no more work for my mom and dad. I would make my small brother an Engineer and be an example to others. In the morning getting ready for the office to my brothers; I would make a special breakfast and would give a big smile wishing for their great day. We would always have a meal together. We all would be happy finding all.

No one would be distracting us. No one would be drunk around me. No one would be arguing. No one would be missing. The only way I want to be is supporting my family. I wish if I could do something for my family.


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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  4th Aug, 2013 AD

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