A Child on the Road| Unforgettable Story of a Boy I Met

A Child on the Road

My feelings on a child that I saw on the road.
Nothing forever that he could be tide.
The boy was searching for something but I didn’t know what??
When I asked the boy, he was totally out of joy. I was feeling very sad for him.
I thought why is god so mean to him? I continuously stared at him and his work.
Then he answered me, “Don’t worry sister this is my own fate.”

Many people were walking but no one cared.
I imagined if he could someday be someone’s dear.
He was very hungry but had nothing to eat. And I noticed the hunger was eating him.
I had twenty rupees in my pocket then I gave that to him.
He got very excited, he threw the sack of dust on the ground and ran away to eat.


A Child on the Road

I don’t know about him.
I don’t know about his parents.
I don’t know where he lives.
I just know that I saw a child on the road.

I wanted to help him but I couldn’t be a beggar.
I wanted to advise him but I couldn’t be a teacher.
I wanted to share things with him but I hardly had enough.
I wanted to love him but I couldn’t even if I wanted.

Some children wandering around on the road.
Some couldn’t sleep even on the soft bed.
Some children don’t know when are they gonna eat food.
Some don’t show interest even in the chaurasi Benjan food (a special set of Nepali food with 84 dishes).
For God shake whoever knows the law of the government of Nepal, inequity among the children is increasing day by day.
Rich people are being the richest and poor people could hardly survive.


A Child on the Road

Every time I walk, I see many children picking up the dust. It takes my heart away.
This isn’t a big issue that how much they earn by picking up the dust, but the important thing is that they are beyond their opportunities and are continuously struggling to survive on this earth.

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Written By: Deepa Bohara, 2013 AD

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