Funny Bunny and the Pumpkin | Poem for Children| Fun Reading

Funny Bunny and the Pumpkin

Bunny is hungry
He cries and looks for friends around him
But he sees nobody
He saw a pumpkin looking at him with big eyes
Bunny gets shocked!

“Why are you crying little cute bunny,” Pumpkin says.
“I am hungry. My stomach is growling,” says little bunny.
Pumpkin is a sapling.
Come to my garden
We have radish, carrots and strawberries.
Do you want to eat any of these?
Bunny gets excited to eat.
He picks up 2 strawberries, 1 carrot and 1 radish
He throws away his saddish.

Pumpkin says, “We can be friends if you agree.”
You can come to my garden if you get hungry.
You can stay in my garden under that banana tree.
You can also become a scarecrow for free.
When I grow up, you can eat few of my leaves.
We can play games together.
We can be friends forever.

Yay! Bunny makes funny poses and starts dancing.
It’s entrancing.
He hugs a sapling pumpkin.
Little sad bunny becomes a funny bunny.
Hello funny bunny!!


Funny Bunny and the pumpkin
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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2019 AD

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