Anger | A for Anger Lies Inside the Heart

Anger lies inside the heart

Body acts what the heart says and show off

Calculate your anger and happiness

Divide them both by sadness

Eagerness, it creates

Figure it out for yourself

Go to the garden of the heart shaped heart, bean shaped kidneys, pink lungs, marooned liver

Happiness again exists

I am tired of these flare ups

Journaling my feelings help

Keeping it a secret and reading it to myself.

Lupus, loneliness- for a few days,a few weeks

Months to months, to mild depression

Never able to ignore these emotions

Obedient child I was a few years ago

People and parties were fun

Queen of my mummy and daddy but slowly

Repressed anger.

Symptoms started showing up

Tiny things started bothering me. I want to be free. This isn’t loss of liberty, people would say

Unbind. That was all I wanted then

Vacation every year?

What? You aren’t going hiking again this year?

Xplain to me what happened? They would ask me

Yelling at their faces was all I wanted again

Zebra crossing but I cannot cross the road because anger still lies in my heart,  not



Anger | A for Anger Lies Inside the Heart | Zebra Crossing
Anger | A for Anger Lies Inside the Heart

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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2019 AD

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