My Mother is my First Teacher Best Friend a Chef and a Leader

Mothers are the perfect creations on this earth. No words are enough to describe the beautiful soul of mothers. Mothers are the richest because they forever have unconditional love for their children.

I have a forty years old mother. A brave woman who decided to bring me on this earth despites of all the sufferings and pain. Still be the happiest woman to have a daughter in her life thinking that one day her daughter will play a real role of a mother and give a safe space to more beautiful souls. Being born in a Hindu family, her real name that a Brahmin gave her is ‘Buddhi Kumari,’ which means that she has a smarter brain. But she never trusted Brahmin. She would always complain to her parents for putting this name in her birth certificate and citizenship card. She never liked her real name and she had so many reasons for this. The most obvious ones were she didn’t really get a chance to explore her talents. She had to leave school when she was in grade 7, leave dancing and get married at the age of 15. Then she only uses her real name for legal purposes. She always liked to be called Sita which is the name of one of the Hindu Goddesses, a wife of Ram. Coincidentally, my dad’s name was Ram in real life. But his name was slightly different in his legal certificates starting with ‘R’. So this couple was actually made for each other. In early age my mother gave birth to three children. She had three little kids like chickens from a hen. She had a complete family soon.


My Mother is my First Teacher Best Friend a Chef and a Leader
My Mother is my First Teacher| At Deuti Bajai Temple with my Mom

I am pretty sure that the first person I saw when I came out of the womb was my mom. She is the same person who had been brave enough to give me a safe space in her womb for nine months, shared her nutritious meal, made sure that she was not carrying heavy loads during her pregnancy and took good care of me even when I wasn’t yet ready to come out. Although she had to pass through hard times she fed me from her breasts and nurtured me. She shared her joy every day. She would play with me in the courtyard, give me a mustard oil massage in the sun and make sure that my stomach is not empty. When I was growing up she would always give me extra care, extra time, extra food, because she thought that daughters are sensitive like her, like all the mothers. She shared her joy with me in every little moment. Without any discrimination she sent me to a boarding school with my two brothers. My mom wanted my future to be bright like those stars in the sky that remove darkness at night. She decided to share this huge financial burden with my daddy. Then my mom was never free. She always showed up doing something. She worked to earn extra money and help my daddy pay bills. She would go for planting rice, cutting grass or any other seasonal works.


There was a small garden in our home and she worked there too. She would plant green vegetables, take good care of papaya, sugarcane and plum. Not only that she had a regular weekly routine. She had to wash the school uniforms of three children three times a week so that we weren’t punished in school. She looked after our cleanliness as well. She was our teacher at the same time she used to be a student with us. Though she didn’t know English she would try to help us with our homeworks, look after our handwriting. Sometimes she would make us a teacher and ask us to teach her a certain chapter. My mom was one of my best teachers and the most obedient student.
I grew up seeing my mom doing hard work everyday. My mom used to come home late on her exhausted body after working all day long. I was too young but I really wanted to help my mom. I used to wash dishes for her. When I was in grade two I asked my mom to teach me to cook a simple rice. Then I asked for teaching me cook a daal, a tarkari (veges) and a chatani (pickle). I just learned to cook our everyday meal. I was able to help my mom every day. I was happy that she got to fill her empty stomach right after coming from work. Those evenings in the kitchen made me more curious about cooking. I tried to help my mom cook different dishes during big festivals like Dashain and Tihar. Seeing my mom do it, I learned to cook more dishes. My mom made me a chef of the house at such a young age.


My Mother is my First Teacher Best Friend a Chef and a Leader
Me and my Mom Celebrating Mother’s Day


Mothers are always special and so for me. My mom was there with me whenever I needed someone to talk. She was the most comfortable person with whom I can share and talk about anything I wanted to know. She knows how I am feeling or want even before I tell or explain it to her. She is right there to help me with anything. We slept together at night as well. Her left hand was my pillow and right hand was my summer blanket. She knew that I am afraid of not seeing anyone by my side at night. Every time I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she woke up to be my company and she waited until I was done. When I was in her arms every day I was inside her womb again. It’s safe and I could always keep dreaming. Her tight hug at night gave me the best sleep. I don’t need to worry about anything when my mom is with me.

Mothers have extra qualities which ordinary people don’t have. My thousands of words and this one story are not enough to describe how perfect mothers are. It’s not the name given by Brahmins or someone that describes a mother but they are born rich with unconditional love in the heart, beautiful souls and are naturally extraordinary.

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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2020 AD

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