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Unspoken Me


I wish I had a mouth like yours

Crooked teeth inside, misaligned jaw but still the best

It chews food for your hungry stomach

It drinks cold water for your thirsty throat

It still makes your smile grow with the flow

I like how it protects your little pink tongue inside

Keep it hydrate all the time and let it rest for some time


Unspoken Me

This tongue lets you express your feeling with words

And what more interesting is that your tongue does its job even without speaking a single word

It silently whispers to your cold cheeks

Your eyes show the reaction

It gives that power to your face

Your face automatically give that essence of you being happy or sad or excited

It gives that look of you telling that you need someone to talk

So many parts of unspoken me want to speak just like you.


Unspoken Me | Where Does Your Story Take You | Self Belief
Unspoken Me | Where Does Your Story Take You | Self Belief


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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2020 AD

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I am Deepa Bohara from Surkhet- a mid-western part of Nepal. I was born on 1998-04-08. I’ve been living with a chronic illness called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) for 10 years now. Living with Lupus was never easy for me but I found my internal voice in words. In all that time, I’ve discovered Spoken Word poetry, been one of the winners of “Slamming in Surkhet” in 2013, and participated in the National Poetry Slam 2016. I chose this platform to express myself, share my journey and give a voice to my words. I believe that my feelings are living things and I should never let them die. I’ve become a member of Word Warriors- a Spoken Word Poetry collective in Nepal. I have travelled to more than 8 districts, performing poetry and working with hundreds of students spreading my love for poetry. I am a writer, spoken word poet and a bachelor student of Arts at Patan Multiple Campus, Lalitpur, Nepal. Currently, I have established my own business in my hometown. I am a CEO & Founder of CC Group of Company Pvt. Ltd. an IT company located at Birendranagar-4, Surkhet, Nepal.

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