Newly Born Rectangular Courtyard | Can Enjoy The Fresh Air

Newly Born Rectangular Courtyard


Hi! I am a newly born rectangular courtyard in the house

Decorated with yellow and red mud

Protected by a bamboo fence around

The Tin Roof is the oldest one but the bamboo, red, and yellow colors on me are the newest.

I was in a cozy storeroom for 5 years

Square long woods, old metal boxes, cloth bags, my dad’s damn boots from the Army camp, seasonal garlic and onions were stored on my broad chest

Mixtures, weapons, an old rice cooker, and extra kitchen utensils were packed in a sack and kept inside

I was multi-functional!!!

After these long years I have got a new shape a new life


Newly Born Rectangular Courtyard


This courtyard is pretty open and wide

Easy to breathe outside in an open space

Grandma is the regular visitor

She opens a door in the morning, do a round of sweeping the floor, water the flower sometimes

She sits on a red chair, drinks her morning tea, and look at the people walking on the road

She likes me more in the evenings because the cold air passes by

Her friends say ‘hello’ when they pass by near me


Kids also love me, a new courtyard

They come to hang out and chit-chat

Sometimes it’s an office space for Deepa and her brother

A laptop, a chair, a table, cool air, and a fresh mind

I am recently decorated with flower pots


Juniperus Indica has grown tall

Money plant has traveled a meter distance in a straight-lined wood

I am waiting for more exciting things for me

I actually love this new me very much

Yes, I am a newly born rectangular courtyard.

Newly Born Rectangular Courtyard | Can Enjoy The Fresh Air

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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2020 AD

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