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what matters to or the meaning of your name

The Meaning of Your Name

I like my name and the meaning of it
Deepa means light
But am I supposed to be one of the white bulb of my room or the yellow bulb of the kitchen?
Making everything visible to everyone’s eyes
Am I supposed to be shiny all the time?
Making other people happy or doing everything on time to make other people happy
Do I have to be what my name means or do I identify myself according to me?
What is the meaning of giving meaning to my name?
Is it to identify who am I or who am I supposed to be?
Or is it just to make the word of your name meaningful?
Does this meaning come naturally?

The Meaning of Your Name

If Deepa means light then
What does darkness mean in real life?
What is meaningful to me, light or darkness?
Am I supposed to not like the darkness?
What if I find peace in the darkness sometimes?
What if darkness takes me to the island of no fear?
Does that even matter to anyone?
Or do I pretend not to like it?
My question is do I lighten up my life for myself or for the people around me.
Actually, what matters here?
What determines me?
The meaning of my name or gender or the caste I was born with?
What Matters- You or The Meaning of Your Name| Cheerful
The Meaning of Your Name: Deepa Means Light

Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2020 AD


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