My Lovelies- Hey Have You Seen Cutiepies? Happy 5 Angels

My Lovelies

It has been a while that I am usually at home all the time due to growing cases of COVID- 19. Cooking, eating, reading, writing, attending meetings and doing office work are all the chores I do during the day. There are no hangouts as well. I often go out in the evening walk with my friend when it feels safer. Sometimes there have been negative thoughts in my mind that want to rent a place in my head for a week or so. Sometimes it feels cool when I am able to work properly in a peaceful courtyard, enough sleep at night, eat favourite food and chill.

My Lovelies

Let me tell you one secret. Some more people have been a part of my lonely day for 4 months and I didn’t realize it until I wrote this blog today. I am introducing you all to the five lovely cuties who live close by me, 2 mins away from my home. Their names are Geeta, Deepa, Ganga, Jamuna and Anusha. Geeta who is the oldest one is 9 years old. Four cute girls, Deepa, Ganga, Jamuna and Anusha are Geeta’s sister’s daughters. They are from Kalikot. They came to Surkhet for study purposes. They all live together in rent. Everyday they pass by my house to go to the shop and every time they walk they say ‘Hi Deepa didi, do you have any mangoes left?’ Their more interesting trick was that first of all Geeta would come to my door and ask for mangoes. I would pick up one mango from the tree and give it to her. In 5 seconds, the remaining 4 would line up in my door for more mangoes for each of them. I didn’t know earlier that they hide on the half way and waited for Geeta for a positive response from me. And imagine who wouldn’t give what I already have to those lovely cuties! Then I would pick more mangoes for them, have a chit- chat and send them home happily. They have been with me from the season of grapes and mangoes to the season of guavas. Sometimes I saved extra mangoes or grapes or guavas for them. When they passed by my house I would give it to them. Mangoes were their favourite and they were my favourites. Since we have no more grapes, mangoes and guavas, recently happy biscuit has been their favourite. I would like to meet them once a day just to see them smiling.

My Lovelies- Hey Have You Seen Cutiepies? I Did! Meet Them
My Lovelies

My Lovelies at My Door..!!

One little girl stands at my door again 
Her name is Jamuna
She says, “Deepa didi, do you have any ripe guava left on your tree?”
No baby girl I don’t have any left on the tree
Look at the mango tree, there are no more baby flowers
We will have them again by next year.
Jamuna looks very sad
She rolled her eyes and look at the tree
She wants to eat only one mango rey
Hiding Geeta, Deepa, Ganga and Anusha run towards us
Don’t worry girls, I have happy happy biscuits for you all
But we have to share
Everyone gets a piece of biscuits
After eating, we take some selfies 
Their smiley faces leave with lovely goodbyes 
And promise me to pass by tomorrow!!
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Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2020 AD

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