Am I not like you? Different Than You? Inner Version of Me

Am I not like you?

Actually, I am not like you,
And I am not complaining about my five sense organs
They work fine but they function slightly different than yours
A Hydroxychloriquine tablet each day affects my eyes
Letters and things are blurry to me
My skin can’t bear the warmth of sunlight
Summer doesn’t suit on me
Spicy food is too sensitive for my tongue and jaw
Loud music gives me a headache
Smell has been very limited to just smell
Hiking is not healthy
In fact most healthy things like fried grams in breakfast, gym, sports, being a tall girl with a perfect height, and being an early bird
The most unhealthy things like late night parties, wearing 4 inch heel, spicy food, and oily fried mutton ………are not made for me

Am I not like you?

Sun is your favorite
But sun for me is my enemy
I get Vitamin D through pills every month with milk
My days are little exhausting
My nights are scary
My life is less exciting
I might sound little boring

Am I not like you?

But I am making it thrilling with who I am and what I have got
Do you want to be part of my little world?
You can say yes or no
We can just be friends
The reality, this is what I am
Don’t judge if my fatness and thinness are not constant
Because nothing is stable
Everything changes with time and so I am
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So What?! I am Different!!!


Written by : Deepa Bohara,  2020 AD


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