A Poem For My Mom| The Only Unconditional Love On This Earth

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A Poem For My Mom| The Only Unconditional Love On This Earth


Your bed calls you but you pay no attention.
Your hair says: “All this dandruff is killing me. Why don’t you buy Head and
Shoulders? Let the rain fall over me.”
Your body says: “This is not the real me. Where are my nice clothes for Dashain?”
Your nose says: “Don’t take me to your pig house. Take me to your dreams where
I can smell the night jasmine.”
Your delicate hands don’t want to dance and sing in the kitchen.
Your legs don’t want to cover a distance.
Your ears don’t even want to hear a whisper.
Your eyes want to be kept closed but they are wide open early in the morning
with temple bells because your loving heart wishes to make delicious milk tea
with cardamom and pepper for your 18-year-old baby.



You look thin. You are weak. Do you know that you are just about to get out of
You are not a vegetarian but you don’t eat those chicken livers often.
I know it doesn’t cost a lot for an egg. But instead, you choose to buy me a kg of
butter just because I like bread with butter.


I go to my school. You go to your tailoring shop. You clean the machines, cut the
fabric, sew it, and give it to your customers. With the money you make, you call
me for Pani Puri near the shop at the roadside chaat stall. When I come
to the shop, you look exhausted. I can see you all sweating working all day long.
But you like it, when I eat full plates of Pani Puri.
You like it, when smile falls over my face.
You like it, when I put my head on your lap.
But I like it, when I comb your hair.
I like the rare times when we eat together.
You laugh when I laugh.
You cry when I cry but you find a way to dry my eyes.
You are the one who never lets my tears wet my pillow.
Poem For my Mom| The Only Unconditional Love On This Earth
Mom Your Love is the button bringing my life together!!!


Your care is the thread that stitches my sadness.

Your love is the button bringing my life together.

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