Blank Book|1000 of Stories in Me- Afraid of My Pumping Heart


I am a Blank Book With 1000 of Stories in Me
My Story Speaks..


I am a Blank Book With 1000 of Stories in Me

I am a blank lines on brown page
But I can see it clearly through my eyes
The lines towards its edges are not straight
But it still goes on endlessly in both directions
Sometimes vertical
sometimes horizontal
Sometimes just zigzag and parties

I am a dancing stone that has feelings. I am a Blank Book 

My plans have future
My own dream of lightening myself
I like how my lines are different than other even though I am the same
It goes curve like of cloud in the sky just before it starts raining
The lines take a shower from the drops of water from rainfall
Sometimes I like the darkness
All I can feel is just me and my cold breathe

I am a Blank Book 

Sometimes they want to go curve
They also want to go straight
Sometimes they like break dances
And sometimes they like to be quiet and cozy

My life is a blank page
It’s a fresh one piece like a fresh rainbow in the sky after the rainfalls
It has 8 colors not the ideal 7
I choose my own colors and glitter
I add one color of mine own or maybe two you care but I don’t
Because white pages are pale
But the colors make it colorful
Colorful brings excitement
Like the way I get excited to eat super crispy chicken strips at KFC
Is that weird colors to KFC?
Probably not for me.

I have Stories to tell. I am a Blank Book 

My life is a blank colorful notebook
It has journals of my everyday ups and downs
Struggles and Giggles
Your relationship with me
The treatment I receive
My arguments and your logic
All kinds of memories
A store of my life events
I make my own way
I meet my destiny 

My life is a blank book
Its me who writes it
The stories are in me
But the chapters of it are yet to be written for you

I am full of inspiring stories.


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