The Story of my Family

The Story of my Family

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My name is Deepa Bohara. I was a young girl living in the mid-western part of Nepal. I was born in 1997 on November 10. I studied in Kopila Valley School in class 7 (2012). I got this amazing chance to write a story about my family through a workshop organized by Libby miss in our English class. She was our English teacher and we all were benefited from her creativity and teaching skills in the classroom. I feel great that I got this golden opportunity where I explored my first experience in writing. I would like to heartily thank Libby miss.

In this story, I wrote about my family, especially about my big brother Gopal’s life.
What happened? What type of problem did he face? How do our friends and other people treat us being poor and lower caste? What do other high cast people say about us? And what does Gopal show to all of them?

My family lives in Nepal, Bhairabsthan-4, Surkhet. In my family, there were my grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, 2 brothers, and me. I had one big brother named Gopal, my younger brother Chanas and me Deepa. Our family background was very poor and we belonged to a lower caste. We also had our uncle in the family.

The Story of my Family: The beginning of the story

Gopal was born on 27th June 1996 or Nepali date 2052/03/13. His life started on his birthday. My father was older than my uncle. That’s why he got married first and he had a son Gopal. When Gopal was born the tone was shinny and all were Ecstatic. My grandparents threw a big party in the village on the occasion of his first grandson. The day was all filled with celebration, laughter, dance, food, and drinks. He was not only a grandson but a hope of the whole village.

Two years later I was born and after one year my small brother Chanas was born. Now we were two brothers and a sister at home. We were three little kids like a chicken from a hen at one time. Before getting married to my mom Sita, my dad ram had a job in the army. When we all three were born, we got separated from our grandparents, uncle, and aunt. We made a small house on a piece of land. It was not easy for my mom to look after us alone and for dad no time because of his job. He came home often like a guest and left home soon after he spent some time with us. We were a small and happy family though because of all the love and support we get from each other.

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