Some People

Some people know what it’s like,

to suffer from chronic illness SLE Systemic Lupus Erythematosus at the age of 15

to take different types of medicine more than my meal

to take them starting from before my morning tea until before I fall asleep

to fall asleep with my swollen body

to carry my puffy cheeks flecked with a butterfly rash

to write my homework with my cracked hands

to walk up to the school with my thin cracked legs

to eat lunch avoiding fluid dripped from my mouth

to make my every move limited

not fit into clothes I wanted to wear

to be very careful of what I ate and what I drank

to feel my bones being too weak for carrying things

to wait for my parents or friends to carry my bag to the school and pick me up

to have a natural rose over my cheeks, a butterfly rash

to wait to get bullied

to go to multiple hospitals at multiple places

to wait for doctors to take pictures of me

to go to the traditional doctors ‘Jhakari’ as well

to offer chickens for the sake of god

to run out of money in someone else’s country

to eat rice and milk in the plastic

to eat through a tube connected to an injection, only liquid

to run hundreds of blood tests and urine tests

to be hospitalised for months and months at different hospitals

to hear It’s very sad for you to get this disease at such a young age

not to have the strength to accept myself

to go into depression few times on the same years

to lose hope

to wait for death

and other people don’t.

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