Chapter Last: A Future Blossoms

When Gopal returned from India, his heart was filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. He couldn’t wait to share his success, and to do so, he had brought along boxes of sweets. These sweets weren’t just for his family; he intended to share his joy with his school friends and teachers too. The smile on his face was infectious, spreading happiness to everyone around him.

During his time in India, Gopal had not only gained knowledge but also a clear sense of purpose. He had discovered his passion for computer hardware engineering. This was no small feat, considering the vast and complex world of technology. He believed that India was the perfect place to pursue this dream because they had all the necessary equipment and, more importantly, a practical approach to teaching, which he thought was far more effective than a purely theoretical one. His dad fully supported this decision and took the initiative to enroll him at Bhairabsthan Higher Secondary Government School, where he could focus on commerce.

Gopal’s journey was inspiring in many ways, but what amazed people the most was his determination. Some wondered why he didn’t return to a boarding school in Nepal, especially after achieving such excellent results in his exams. The truth was that there was a deeper reason behind his choice.

While many speculated that Gopal had ventured to India for work, they couldn’t have been further from the truth. His primary purpose was education, not employment. His dad, aware of the financial constraints of providing a high-quality science education in Nepal, made a silent sacrifice. He didn’t share the extent of his struggles with anyone; he simply wanted to demonstrate that success could be achieved through sheer hard work and determination.

As time went on, it became necessary for Gopal’s dad to work in India to support Gopal’s education there and continue funding Chanas’s education in Nepal. Additionally, they had a loan to repay, which they had taken out for their medical treatment. In the midst of all this, their mom was a pillar of strength, working tirelessly to cover the expenses of water, electricity, food, and other necessities by running a small shop.

In India, Gopal’s focus was entirely on computer engineering, but deep within, he still clung to his dream of becoming a dancer or actor. It was a dream that had always resonated with his soul.

Back in Nepal, the responsibilities and dreams of the family continued to grow. Gopal’s younger brother, Binod, was gearing up for his own SLC exams in the 10th grade. He felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness, unsure if he could replicate the same level of success that Gopal had achieved. Chans, on the other hand, was diligently studying in the 8th grade at J.P. School, knowing that his DLE exams were approaching. Megraj, the youngest in the family, was happily navigating his way through the 2nd grade.

As for me, I was studying in the 7th grade at Kopila Valley School. It was at Kopila Valley that I truly began to understand the meaning of a supportive community. The school not only provided an excellent education but also offered a safety net for students like me who came from challenging backgrounds. This safety net extended beyond the classroom to encompass our daily lives, ensuring we had the support we needed to thrive.

While the family still faced financial challenges, including providing enough food and proper clothing for everyone, we were fortunate to receive support from numerous individuals. People like Maggie, Top uncle, Bobby, and even our grandfather played instrumental roles in our lives. Their guidance and assistance helped us navigate the complexities of life.

The teachers and volunteers at Kopila Valley, including its dedicated founder Maggie, always stood by our side. We were immensely grateful for their unwavering support. It was their encouragement and belief in our potential that propelled us forward. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Maggie, Top Sir, Grandfather, Jeff Sir, Libby, Lexi Miss, Emily Miss, and everyone else who extended their helping hands and warm hearts to us during our journey.

Our family, together with all the children at Kopila Valley, felt an overwhelming sense of pride. We couldn’t help but recognize the incredible transformation that had occurred in our lives. It was important for us to convey our sincere appreciation to all the members and volunteers who had selflessly dedicated their time and effort to come to our community and help us, especially those of us who were orphaned and facing numerous challenges.

Thanks to their collective efforts, we were not only receiving a good education but also gaining a glimpse of a brighter future. Kopila Valley had not only met our basic needs but had also enveloped us in love and care. It was as if we were blooming flowers, nurtured by the warmth of this beautiful community.

I took immense pride in being a part of Kopila Valley. It wasn’t just a school; it was a sanctuary of hope, a place where dreams took root and flourished. Our journey had been long and challenging, but it was a journey filled with the kindness of strangers and the unwavering support of our family. Together, we had defied the odds, proving that even in the face of adversity, resilience, determination, and the support of a loving community could lead to success.

The End

Our story in “Pankote Tole” had been a journey filled with trials and triumphs. As Gopal pursued his dreams of becoming a technician, Binod, my partner in this shared journey, prepared for his own SLC exams with determination and a hint of uncertainty. Binod wondered if he could achieve the same success that Gopal had enjoyed.

Chanas continued his education at J.P. School, entering the 8th grade, and Megraj embarked on his academic journey in the 2nd grade. I, on the other hand, thrived in my studies at Kopila Valley School, now in the 7th grade.

Our family’s financial struggles were far from over, but with the support of Kopila Valley and our extended family, we were able to meet our basic needs. Maggie Miss, Top Sir, Bibi, Grandfather, and all the volunteers had become pillars of support in our lives, and we were grateful for their unwavering assistance.

My battle with kidney disease had brought moments of hardship, but sponsors Mike and Kathleen Seergy had provided me with access to medical care in Kathmandu. Maggie Miss and Top Sir were always there to guide me through the challenges, and their care and concern were deeply appreciated.

Our father, recognizing the limitations of his resources, had ventured to India for work to support Gopal’s education. He believed in Gopal’s potential and was determined to provide him with the best opportunities, even if it meant leaving Nepal temporarily.

Gopal’s aspirations had evolved during his time in India. He returned with a newfound passion for computer hardware engineering and enrolled in Bhairabsthan Higher Secondary Government School, focusing on commerce subjects. Despite the skepticism of some, my father’s belief in Gopal’s future was unwavering.

As our story continued to unfold, we knew that challenges would persist, but we also carried a sense of hope and determination. Our journey had been marked by resilience, hard work, and the unwavering belief in the power of education to transform our lives.

In “Pankote Tole,” the story was far from over. It was a tale of triumph over adversity, a testament to the strength of family bonds, and a reflection of the relentless pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. The future was uncertain, but our family faced it with courage and hope, ready to embrace the opportunities that lay ahead.

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