A Message from my friend Bobby

Dear Deepa Bohara,

I don’t think I will get the chance to see you again before my time sets in this lovely country; in this lovely village. Your short story made me cry twice. Once for the story, and the events that shaped you, with rough hands, into the young woman so delicate that even your voice makes me smile. Second, for your writing, and the impact your family has on your life, mind, altitude, and philosophy.

You write about your parents in a way that really touched me. I am going to be a father soon. Did you know that? I wanted a girl secretly, but God chose to let me start fatherhood with a boy. Like your father said, ”Patience is the best friend of human beings. We should always run our lives patiently.” Your father sounds like a very wise, tested, caring man. I wanted to express my gratitude for showing me a daughter’s love for a father even if he can’t always be around she can feel his love. You wrote this.

”He didn’t do for him, he looked only for us. He made nothing from his job. He only made us educated.”

I have to leave Nepal early because I’m going to have a beautiful baby. He is my world now. But it was such a beautiful privilege to say hi to you, and to read such lovely, heartfelt tragic and joyous works from you, Deepa. 

You have touched me. You have a great talent for showing the world the people that you love in your writing. 

You father 

You brother

Maggie miss

The boy on the road 

I am a girl

I am a Woman

Homeless bird. 

When you write about the things that mean a lot to you, it burns the paper and leaves a permanent mark on the reader. 

Burn in the eyes of everyone that looks at you, Deepa Bohara, it is your nature. 

You are a star!!




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