Beautiful Message from Cal

Beautiful Message from Cal
Deepa spending time at Gurashe on a snowy day

Beautiful Message from Cal

Dear Deepa,

Thank you so much for letting me read your stories and poems. I hope that you will continue to write many more in the days and years to come. The world needs more from Miss Deepa Bohara. Like Robert, I cried when l read your story. Your writing is excellent, and you capture emotional moments so clearly and beautifully, that l feel like l am watching your life not reading about it. 

The fact that you make your story about hope and aspirations in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. The characters in your story – the characters in your life are an example of how to live. Your father, for his selflessness and devotion to an incredible altruistic dream: a better her for his children; your mother for giving herself entirely to her family, and fighting every day to hold it together; your brother, for showing how to learn from your mistakes, and showing that hard work beats natural talent every time; and you-you beautiful young lady for having the courage to show their stories, and yours, and  to write so bravely about the things that other people ignore so easily. Poverty, caste, inequality, gender discrimination would not stand a chance in a world full of Deepa Boharas.

I could say more, but l don’t want to fill more space that could be filled with more stories and poems. 



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