A Beautiful Love Note from Elise Morano

A Beautiful Love Note from Elise Morano


I am going to tell you a little story. One night while I was working in Peru, our house mother walked into the kitchen after being away for a while. She saw your name Deepa Bohara, written on our ”Women who inspires us” poster and asked the girls who you are. One by one, then each said a little bit, a little bit about the wonderful woman you are. “She is a girl fighting for her education in Nepal”, “she is just like us”, “she wants to change Nepal, to make it better for women like I want to do here”,” she inspired me to run for village president, even though a woman has never run before.”

They were so moved by your poem, that they decided to write letters back to you. You made them feel understood, you put into words the struggles we all face on a daily basis and made them, us, feel like there was something we could actually do about it. Deepa, what I want to say here is that you are an inspiration to me. You are a strong, motivated, well spoken, kind-hearted young woman who is already taking the world run force. I look forward to seeing what you do with this life of yours. Thank you for sharing your life with me and for sharing your poem with my girls in Peru. Stay gold and keep on loving. 


Elise morano 

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