Love Note from My Friend Dearest Carla

My Dearest Deepa 

Yours was the first the kindess I felt in Surkhet. You are so happy, beautiful and brave; you sat right beside me and said, hello. You are genuine and welcoming and kind. You immediately invited Jenessa and I to your home. And in your laughing face I would have never seen an ounce of pain. It shows how little we know. Every time I run into you, you light up my day. I am so grateful to you for letting me read your beautiful words. Please never stop. You have gift with words. You can paint such a strong and optimistic picture of your life and family, and the love you have for both. I see love in your eyes and love in your words. A strong, passionate, recentless love in the face of such strong adversaries, (the sort of adversaries that would make weak, me included) But certainly but no where near as strong and powerful as you. Write on dearest Deepa Bohara, and fill the pages with your most powerful weapon. Let your words rise high above and fill your future with love.


Carla Bononi

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