To My Crystal-Clear Dad

In the tapestry of life, there’s a man so dear,
Not defined by degrees, but a father, crystal-clear.
My dad, with his love, like an endless stream,
Teaches me life’s lessons, like a cherished dream.

His hands, with their stories etched in each line,
Hold me close, with a touch so fine.
His eyes, filled with warmth and boundless grace,
Reflect his love, lighting up every space.

He’s like a soaring eagle, strong and wise,
Guiding me through life’s endless skies.
With every step, he’s a mountain, standing tall,
Teaching me to rise, never to fall.

His laughter, a melody, fills my heart with glee,
In his presence, I find peace and safety.
Through life’s storms, he’s my steady shore,
A lighthouse of love, forever and more.

In his presence, I find comfort, in his smile, my light,
My father’s love, an endless, shining sight.
Though words may falter, emotions run deep,
His love for me, a treasure I’ll forever keep.

Your laughter, a melody, fills my heart with cheer,
In your presence, I have nothing to fear.
Through the storms of life, you are my safe shore,
A beacon of love, forever and more.

So, to my father, with love so true,
You’re my hero, in all that you do.
In your love, I find my eternal home,
For you’re the rock on which I’ve grown.

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