My Father’s Sacrifices in Silence

In the tapestry of time, my old man,
a symphony played in the palm of your hand.
Your words, the notes, painted my skies,
like the sun, in the warmth of your eyes.

You, the architect of dreams untold,
in your wisdom, my story unfolds.
Your laughter, a river, winding and free,
carving canyons of love, eternally.

The cadence of your footsteps, a rhythmic beat,
echoes of love, tender and sweet.
In the shadow of your strength, I stand tall,
a giant of love, never to fall.

Your embrace, a fortress, safe and sound,
where the storms of life, in silence, drown.
The scent of your cologne, a memory’s song,
lingering, timeless, where I belong.

In the tapestry of your life, threads of grace,
a masterpiece woven in every trace.
Your hands, calloused, tell tales untold,
of struggles faced and victories bold.

Metaphors etched in the lines on your face,
time’s gentle touch, a soft embrace.
Your voice, a melody, weathered but strong,
in its resonance, I’ve known where I belong.

In the garden of memories, you planted seeds,
lessons and love, like blooming deeds.
Your presence, a sculpture, carved in my soul,
a masterpiece incomplete if ever you go.

So here’s to you, my anchor, my guide,
in the ebb and flow, forever beside.
In the gallery of life, you’re my canvas and frame,
Dad, in the spoken word of love, you eternally claim.

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