I am Deepa Bohara from Surkhet- a mid-western part of Nepal. I’ve been living with a chronic illness called Lupus for 9 years now. In all that time, I’ve discovered Spoken Word poetry, been one of the winners of “Slamming in Surkhet” in 2013, and participated in the National Poetry Slam 2016. I chose this platform to express myself, share my journey and give a voice to my words. I believe that my feelings are living things and I should never let them die. I’ve become a member of Word Warriors- a Spoken Word Poetry collective in Nepal. I have travelled to more than 8 districts, performing poetry and working with hundreds of students. My love for poetry brought me to the capital. I am a writer, spoken word poet and a student of English Literature and Language. Currently, I work with Quixote’s Cove, Book Bus and Word Warriors as a Programs and Operations Associate.