Freedom and Equality: The Importance of Civil Rights | 7 years of Experience

Freedom and Equality The Importance of Civil Rights

People still face a variety of injustices in Nepal, causing them emotional and physical harm, and there’s no one way in which these injustices happen. Cases of acid attacks and domestic violence are rampant. Women aren’t able to speak up for their rights without criticism because it is believed that decisions about their lives and safety should be made by someone else. Freedom of choice is limited for most Nepalis.

My Lovelies- Hey Have You Seen Cutiepies? Happy 5 Angels

My Lovelies. I am introducing you all to the five lovely cuties who live close by me, 2 mins away from my home. Their names are Geeta, Deepa, Ganga, Jamuna and Anusha. Geeta who is the oldest one is 9 years old. Four cute girls, Deepa, Ganga, Jamuna and Anusha are Geeta’s sister’s daughters. They are from Kalikot.

A Letter From an Old house to the Oldest Son | Old Memories

From an Oldest House to the Oldest Son

A Letter From Old House to the Oldest Son. Then suddenly you decided to leave like I was no one to you. You forgot how I saved all of you from those storms in Ashare jhari, I gave you the coolest air in summer. The bed that you used to sleep in is still empty in the poor room of me. After you left, your dad and mom left then slowly your brother’s family left as well. So what next?