The Story of a Nepali Girl | My Life In Rural Nepal | 20 Years
Spoken Word

बिग्रेको पङ्खा | A Story of an Old Damaged Fan, 2020 | Attachment

बिग्रेको पङ्खा सिलीङ्गमा झुन्डिएकी म तिमी आठ वर्षकी थियौ जब म तिम्रो घरमा भित्रिएकी थिएँ तिम्रो पसिना आउदा मरो खाचो हुन्थ्यो, तिम्रो पाहुना आउदा म तिम्रो इज्जत

Freedom and Equality The Importance of Civil Rights

Freedom and Equality: The Importance of Civil Rights | 7 years of Experience

People still face a variety of injustices in Nepal, causing them emotional and physical harm, and there’s no one way in which these injustices happen. Cases of acid attacks and domestic violence are rampant. Women aren’t able to speak up for their rights without criticism because it is believed that decisions about their lives and safety should be made by someone else. Freedom of choice is limited for most Nepalis.

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Dashain Celebration 2020 Festival in Nepal| Kojagrat Purnima

Dashain Celebration. Dashain is one of the biggest and longest festivals in Nepal celebrated by Nepalese Hindu people throughout the universe. According to the Hindu mythology, Dashain is one of the great success stories. It is celebrated for the goddess Durga’s victory over an evil spirit demon Mahishasura who spreaded horror and terror. This demon was killed by the Goddess Durga in a war that lasted for multiple days. That’s why Dashain, also known as Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra, lasts for 15 days.