Chapter 2: Going to School

Chapter 2: Going to School My brother Gopal began to grow older. When he was four years old my dad admitted him to a school in Nursery class. Gopal had a very difficult time focusing on studying and he knew nothing, for example not even a very simple thing like A B C D. He was going to school for 5 months and he failed the first terminal exam.

Going to school. Mummy also wrote the letter ‘A’ and asked him to write this letter. He tried a lot of times. He tried……….. tried but he couldn’t. Mom got angry and hit him on his head with her hand. Now Gopal wrote the letter ‘A’ even without looking at the book. “Mummy, look there! brother Gopal wrote the letter A,” I said. Mummy looked at his writing. Since that day he has been interested in his studies.